Sentinel is your turnkey solution for everything from New
Installations, Upgrades, Repairs, Maintenance & Inspections
for all kinds of fire sprinkler systems.
We're on it, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  Whether you need
emergency underground repairs in the middle of the night, or to reconfigure your fire
sprinkler system for the changing needs of your tenants, we're there for you.  We also
work with construction companies to design and build out state of the art sprinkler
systems for new construction and renovations.   We work with commercial property
managers to service a wide variety of systems, and can keep your system in
compliance with the state and at its peak performance.  We serve corporate
campuses, office buildings, shopping centers, clean rooms, hi-tech environments,
manufacturing facilities, retail outlets, warehouses, educational facilities and more.

Here are some of the maintenance services we routinely provide:
Commercial Fire Sprinkler Systems

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